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Christian Engwer christian.engwer at uni-muenster.de
Thu Jan 22 21:56:52 CET 2015

Dear Aleksejs,

I'm sorry, but I don't uderstand your question. What exactly do you
miss in the documentation?

There are examples for all functions like elements(gv),
intersection(e), entities(gv, dim/codim)...

On Thu, Jan 22, 2015 at 06:05:55PM +0100, Aleksejs Fomins wrote:
> Dear Dune,
> I remember we had a discussion before on using iterator ranges for
> iterating over entities of gridview, as written in here
> http://www.dune-project.org/doc/doxygen/dune-grid-html/group___g_i_iteration.html#_details
> Would somebody be so kind to show me to an example program doing this?
> In particular, I do not seem to be able to derive from that
> documentation page on how one constructs such an iterator. Or, at
> least, my Eclipse is not able to direct me to the method like
> Dune::GridView::elements

as shown in the examples you are not calling methods on a class. These
are free functions operating on a gridview, adding syntactic sugar
ontop of the begin/end methods of the gridview.


> Thank you,
> Aleksejs
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