[Dune] Relation between indices in Intersection::indexInInside() and Entity::subEntity<1>(...)

Ansgar Burchardt Ansgar.Burchardt at tu-dresden.de
Thu Feb 18 15:54:39 CET 2016


is the index returned by the Intersection::indexInInside() method the
same as Entity::subEntity<1>() uses?  That is, can I get the
intersection's facet by

  auto inside = intersection.inside();
  auto insideFace = inside.subEntity<1>(intersection.indexInInside());

(Even easier would of course be a method Intersection::insideFacet().)

The description of indexInInside() says

  Local index of codim 1 entity
  This method returns the face number with respect to the generic
  reference element.

and subEntity() uses

  number of the subentity (in generic numbering)

It is not clear to me if these are required to be the same. 

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