[Dune] Error in implementing PAAMG using dune-istl

Kumar, Paras paras.kumar at fau.de
Thu Dec 14 12:43:14 CET 2017

Dear Dune Community,

I am facing trouble in implementing a parallel AMG+CG solver combination 
for solving a Linear System of equations.

Both the parallel and the inherently serial versions have been 
implemented for comparison. The initial solution vector has been 
initialized to the same random values in both the cases.

The following test examples provided in the dune-istl module were used 
for reference:

The parallel code when run for 1 process gives the same result as the 
serial version but when run for more number of cores, I get a 
segmentation fault. There seems to be some error in distribution of data 
during the AMG hierarchy construction for the parallel case.

The code file and the output for 1 core has been attached for reference.

I request the members to please help my rectify this error.

Thanks and best regards,
Paras Kumar
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