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Mazaheri, Alireza (LARC-D305) ali.r.mazaheri at nasa.gov
Mon Jul 3 23:21:07 CEST 2017


On Jun 29, 2017, at 5:30 AM, Markus Blatt <markus at dr-blatt.de<mailto:markus at dr-blatt.de>> wrote:

Weiredly you MPI_COMM_WORLD is an anonymous enum. Not sure whether this means that you are using the C++ bindings of MPI.

The SGI MPI defines MPI_COMM_WORLD as an anonymous enum (see https://gitlab.dune-project.org/core/dune-common/issues/76) and that breaks the test.
So I am now using the latest Intel’s MPI, which is the only other available MPI in our system. With this, I was able to pass this issue and go farther.
But I am encountering some failures in building the 'dune-fem' tests (see attached log file). Does this constitute a potential bug or something that I have missed to set?

I am using gcc/6.2 + intel's MPI 2017.3.196 + modules from the master branch.


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