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Oliver Sander oliver.sander at tu-dresden.de
Tue Aug 6 14:14:10 CEST 2019

Hi Jö,

sad to hear you are leaving the Dune team.  Thanks for all the good
work you did over the years.

> I do have permission from my new employer to continue administration of the
> mailing list server in my free time, for now.  I would actually like to
> continue doing that.  The plan would be to move the server from the WWU to the
> Hetzner cloud[1], which offers locations inside germany.

I wouldn't object to that.  I suppose that such a move will not affect the
list archives?

Out of curiosity: Why do you need permission of your employer for something
that you plan to do in your free time?

Best regards,

> If you dislike this plan, please speak up soonish.  Ideally (but not
> necessarily) with an alternative plan.
> Regards,
> Jö.
> [1] If you consider offering financial support to pay for the server: don't.
>     It's like 2€/month and really not worth the administrative hassle.
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