[Dune-devel] Dune release 2.7?

Oliver Sander oliver.sander at tu-dresden.de
Mon Aug 26 12:15:07 CEST 2019

Hi Christoph,

> is currently anybody planning or working on the next Dune release 2.7?
> Are there any reasons not to do so?

some people may remember that I announced an effort to release 2.7 for
very early this year.  This never happened, because I want my book to
be based on 2.7, and there were still changes I wanted to have in the
code to make writing the book easier.

> If nobody objects, I'd plan to get a release done in November or
> December, with the first release candidate starting in Mid-September.

I have made a lot of progress this year, and the list of things I would
need in the next release is actually quite short now:

In dune-common
* Additional binary operators for FieldVector and FieldMatrix, as decided upon
  at the last meeting in Heidelberg

In dune-localfunctions:  Cleanup/unification stuff
* https://gitlab.dune-project.org/core/dune-localfunctions/merge_requests/132
* https://gitlab.dune-project.org/core/dune-localfunctions/merge_requests/134
* ... and similar patches for prisms and pyramids (planned for this week)

As the book covers dune-pdelab I would also appreciate if there was a
release of that together with / not much after the rest of the modules.
The big issue here is


which is a major improvement but also big and invasive.

In addition, having


merged or closed before the release would be helpful.

Compared to what I used to have this list is really short.  Therefore I think
that your schedule is good for me provided that the pdelab guys agree.


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