[Dune-devel] Request about the /usr/bin/dune filename

Dedner, Andreas A.S.Dedner at warwick.ac.uk
Tue Jan 22 13:02:57 CET 2019

I'm fine with this as well


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Subject: Re: [Dune-devel] Request about the /usr/bin/dune filename

> I tend to agree with Ansgar here.  Unless one of the other developers comes up
> with a good reason why we should reserve those names.

I don't see us needing those names in the nearer future.  As far as I am concerned
we can give them up.

> I do find it unfortunate however that this clash has to happen with a
> buildsystem -- after all, everything we provide under /usr/bin has to do with
> our buildsystem.  There is a good chance of confusion as to which buildsystem
> exactly /usr/bin/duneproject will create a skeleton project for.

<humour> ... unless we rewrite our code to use ocaml and the dune build system</humour>


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