[Dune-devel] Reduce number of core modules?

Christoph Grüninger foss at grueninger.de
Tue Jun 11 01:07:06 CEST 2019

Dear fellow Dune developers,
I think we have to many core modules and should reduce their number.
Back in the days it was probably a good idea to have them. Today I don't
see the urge to keep dune-geometry or -istl as separate modules. Most
applications are built on top of other modules like PDELab, dune-FEM,
DuMuX or dune-functions. In general they require most of the core
modules anyway, so nothing to gain by the high granularity of our core
modules. Currently, the only use case I see for not having all core
modules put together in a single module is dune-uggrid, which is between
common and grid.

On the other hand it increases work: checking out, building, fixing
build-system issues gets more tedious with increasing number of modules.

So I am proposing (in order with decreasing likelihood):
1) merge dune-geometry into dune-common
2) Remove dune-grid-howto and put code that should be kept into an
example folder in dune-grid
3) merge dune-istl into dune-common
4) merge dune-geometry into dune-grid (instead of 1.)
5) Do something about localfuntions: merge into dune-common, merge with
dune-functions and typetree.

What do you think?


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