[Dune-devel] Dune bugfix release 2.9.1?

Christoph GrĂ¼ninger foss at grueninger.de
Wed Aug 2 22:47:35 CEST 2023


I am quite happy with the current state of the 2.9 branches. I 
back-ported some minor issues that were inflicted by newer CMake or 
compiler versions.

I found two bugs or regressions in dune-common's master, that also 
exists in 2.9:
#350 Vc code is not compiling with Clang 16+ and Vc 1.4.3
#349 debugaligntest fails with Clang 16+
Both issues are outside of my area of expertise, I would welcome any 
help to fix them in master and then I would back-port the fixes.

As we are currently in vacation times, I am not pressuring the 2.9.1 


Am 10.07.23 um 19:39 schrieb Christoph GrĂ¼ninger:
> Hello Dune,
> the Dune 2.9.0 release has some issues with recent compilers (GCC 13, 
> Clang 17) as they reduced some implicitly included standard headers, see 
> for example [1]. I am willing to back-port the patches from master and 
> create a 2.9.1 Dune bugfix release.
> If anybody has something to back-port, please do so or answer to this 
> message. I might be willing to help.
> Regarding Python stuff, I have to rely on the integrated tests and 
> cannot perform any further testing or fixing.
> Any thoughts? Comment?
> [1] https://gitlab.dune-project.org/core/dune-common/-/issues/341
> Bye
> Christoph

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