[dune-functions] Inconsistency in Derivative types

Christian Engwer christian.engwer at uni-muenster.de
Sun Mar 23 20:34:01 CET 2014

Hi Carsten,

>for me the definition in dune-functions is
>simply wrong. For f:R^n ->R^m the
>Jacobian should definitively be in
>in R^(m x n). I'm afraid I introduced this.
>Sorry for this.

OK... I was not sure about your intentions and thus didn't change it. I'll sort this out and adapt our pdelab  implementation.

Ciao Christian

>On 20. März 2014 17:18:53 MEZ, Christian Engwer
><christian.engwer at uni-muenster.de> wrote:
>>I just discovered that we have an inconsistency between LocalFunctions
>>and Functions regarding the definition of derivate types.
>>In LocalFunctions we provide the convinience method evaluateJacobian,
>>which takes a JacobianType by reference to store the result. You would
>>usually expect this JacobianType to be the same type as the type of
>>the first derivative in Functions, but...
>>In Functions we define
>>  FieldMatrix<F,GridDim,RangeDim>
>>where a

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