[dune-pdelab] mapping of PowerGridFunctionSpace

Christian Engwer christian.engwer at uni-muenster.de
Thu Sep 1 16:22:46 CEST 2011


> I wrote with PDELab a solver for coupled multiple species diffusion-reaction.
> Now I want to implement operator splitting for the same problem.
> Diffusion step would be made with PDELab, reaction step - with other library.
> So now for diffusion step I need a map from
> GridOperator<PowerGridFunctionSpace<GFS,N,...>,...>::Traits::Domain
> to
> GridOperator<GFS,...>::Traits::Domain [N]
> And for reaction step I need a map from
> GridOperator<PowerGridFunctionSpace<GFS,N>,...>::Traits::Domain
> to
> FieldVector<double,N> [number of grid points]

I'll start with the second part. If you are using a block-mapping for
the PowerGridFunctionSpace and a blocked-Vector-backend, you obtain
exactly the decribed scenario. You can have a look at the
pdelab-howto, it contains an example of a turing pattern which does
the same mapping.

For your first question you need to be more specific. I don't quite
understand what you are trying to do there, but I think it might be a
little bit too complicated and yould be obtained easier.


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