[Dune] config.h / DUNE_DEPRECATED

Thimo Neubauer thimo at macht.org
Tue Nov 30 18:41:55 CET 2004


it seems that there is still a bit of confusion about DUNE_DEPRECATED:
this define should be set in the applications config.h where the
compiler features are known. Thus, a program on the application side
should start with

#include "config.h"

#include <dune/stuff/morestuff.hh>

so that workarounds for compiler bugs or other crazy tricks can work.

We introduced DUNE_DEPRECATED so that the compiler can warn if
functions are used which we decided to remove some meeting(s)
ago. Otherwise those functions will be scattered thoughout the
codebase for ages. Unfortunately, the deprecated-mechanism is a
GNU-extension which is why we check for it.

The DUNE_CHECK_ALL-test, which both duneapps and dune-tutorial use,
includes this check. When icc is used DUNE_DEPRECATED will
automatically be defined to nothing. If this does not work, please run
"autogen.sh" again (this will fetch the newer tests from Dune) and
check if config.h really doesn't mention DUNE_DEPRECATED. If so,
please drop me a note.

_Please_ don't fiddle with those automatic variables! This will break
all the portability magic! As we experienced with Dune under Mac OS X
there are a lot of subtle differences between Unices we have to take
care of!


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