[Dune] Re: [Dune-CVS] CVS (christi)

Oliver Sander sander at math.fu-berlin.de
Fri Sep 3 10:53:33 CEST 2004

>> Wir brauchen unbedingt const-iteratoren.  Weiß jemand, wie man
>> die programmiert?  Muß das ein komplett separater Typ sein?
>> Die vielen const_casts im Code fangen an zu nerven.
> Yes, if some one is in need of const iterators, he _really_ has to
> implement them seperately.

> But - whatfor do you need the const_iterator ?

Because if we don't have const_iterators we can't really declare
anything const.  No grid no discfunction no matrix no nothing.
And I find that that's quite a severe restriction and difficult
to explain to the general public.


> Christian

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