[Dune] Dune-1.0beta4 can not be configured

Andre Massing massing at zib.de
Tue Apr 3 16:09:46 CEST 2007

Hi Christian,

On 2007-04-03, Christian Engwer wrote :
> Hi Andre,
> > #./dune-common-1.0beta4/bin/dunecontrol  \
> >
> > >configure --prefix=/usr/local/dune-1.0 --with-ug=/usr/local/ug-3.9.x

> I assume that you did not build (configure & compile) dune-common
> before. The problem is that dune-grid checks for the dune-common
> libs. In order to avoid these problems dunecontrol offers the all
> target.
> dunecontrol all

O.k., I thought configuring with dunecontrol from the top-level DUNE directory 
(which includes all DUNE-modules) as above would be appropriate. But how can 
I tell DUNE where to find alberta, ALUGrid,... without passing the suitable 
paths to configure? At least for svn DUNE it works to configure it with 
dunecontrol and making afterwards.

> will run autogen.sh (if necessary), configure and make for each
> package. If you want to supply more parameters to the commands you
> will have to use an opts file.


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