[Dune] Dune-1.0beta4 can not be configured

Christian Engwer christi at uni-hd.de
Tue Apr 3 16:31:28 CEST 2007

Hi Andre,

> O.k., I thought configuring with dunecontrol from the top-level DUNE
> directory (which includes all DUNE-modules) as above would be
> appropriate. But how can I tell DUNE where to find alberta,
> ALUGrid,... without passing the suitable paths to configure? At
> least for svn DUNE it works to configure it with dunecontrol and
> making afterwards.

I'm pretty sure, it does not work in svn. If it works for you, it can
only be, because, you already have working dune libs in the modules
and then you are changing the configuration. If you are doing this the
first time, you will have to use an opts file, it is the better
approach anyway. See the example.opts in dune-common/doc. You can pass
this opts file to dunecontrol and dunecontrol will read the parameters
for configure and make from this file. This is described in detail in
the build-system-howto, available our the website.


> >
> > will run autogen.sh (if necessary), configure and make for each
> > package. If you want to supply more parameters to the commands you
> > will have to use an opts file.
> Cheers,
> Andre

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