[Dune] Regarding installation of DUNE with enabling UG

Christian Engwer christi at uni-hd.de
Wed May 9 13:12:20 CEST 2007

Dear Nagaiah,

> I have some problem with installation if DUNE with enabling UG.
> I have downloaded DUNE modules via SVN and UG is from Heidelberg website.
> I heard from Oilver Sander that I need UG version from Stuttgart, if I
> want to compile
> DUNE modules (only for subversion trunk) with enable UG. Please could you
> help me how to get compatible UG version.

Currently there are no patches for UG available. I strongly suggest to
work with the (soon to be) stable version of Dune. The stable version
is compatible with the vanilla UG.

I would also suggest you start working with simple examples, which
will not need UG. All examples in dune-grid-howto aswell as the
applications in dune-dd don't need UG.

If you are in need of advanced features from the development branch
and want must work with an adaptive grid you might also consider using
Alberta or ALUGrid.

We will somewhen in the future supply the patches needed for using UG
with the development version of, but there is no timeline yet.


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