[Dune] Verwendung von DUNE und der aktuellen UG-Version

lenzen at scai.fraunhofer.de lenzen at scai.fraunhofer.de
Fri May 25 13:59:06 CEST 2007

Hello Christian,

> No! You must not use the patched version with the stable DUNE!

I won't do that. I will use the patched version with the developer version
of DUNE or the beta version with vanilla ug, whatever works.

>> I tried "set LIBTOOL=$UGROOT" and called automake, but that idea is to
>> simple - it still states that LIBTOOL is undefined.
> What makes you think this should help? This behaviour is not
> documented in the libtool docs!

Perhaps I should not have posted this comment, it was a fast try (without
reading docu). Sorry.

> I read through your output and simply seems that your toolchain is
> broken. Did you ever try this on a different machine? Please verify
> your installation. Did you try compiling an other program using this
> toolchain?

I tried different machines, but with the same configuration. The installed
programs are identical (if in my home) respectively in most cases
identical installations (if installed by the admins). The shown behaviour
was identical, so the error is systematical. In this case that of course
doesn't mean it's not in the used systems.

> It can not work like this. First get your system in shape. If you
> don't have the rights to do this, make your admins do it. I think Rolf
> should be in the position to give the appropriate orders.
> You are facing problems, noone ever faced before. If these problems
> are related to your system fix your system, if these problems are
> related to dune provide a proper test case. I hate to repeat me, but
> we can not debug your system. You must provide proper bug reports.
> Christian

I'm trying to do that. How shall I distinguish a misconfigured system from
an error in the scripts at this time? If you suggest to post a bug report,
I'll do that, giving whatever information you want to have. Until now I
didn't do that, because I still have no idea if it is a bug or something
is wrong with my installations.


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