[Dune] Problem with duneproject

Martin Nolte nolte at mathematik.uni-freiburg.de
Thu Jun 19 14:19:15 CEST 2008

Dear Yufei,

actually, dunecontrol thinks that you extracted the files from a tarball. 
Hence it assumes that autoconf has already been run. To make dunecontrol think 
that this is the original source code, you can do two things:
a) put it under revision control (e.g., use subversion)
b) add a file called "stamp-vc" to your project directory
    (just type "touch stamp-vc" in the project directory)

For more information I refer you to FlySpray task 382:



Yufei Cao wrote:
> Dear all, 
> Recently, I met with a problem of duneproject. Please see below.
> Could anyone please tell me how to solve it? Thank you in advance!
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
> $./dune-common/bin/duneproject
> == Dune project/module generator ==
> duneproject will assist you in the creation of a new Dune application.
> During this process a new directory with the name of your project will be
> created. This directory will hold all configuration and Makefiles and a
> simple example application.
> 1) Name of your new Project? (e.g.: dune-grid): dune-try
> 2) Which modules should this module depend on?
>    Following modules are found:
>    dune-common dune-grid dune-grid-howto dune-istl dune-subgrid dune-disc
>    Enter space separated list: dune-common dune-grid dune-istl dune-disc
> 3) Project/Module version? 0.1
> 4) Maintainers email address? yufei
> creating Project "dune-try", version 0.1
> which depends on "dune-common dune-grid dune-istl dune-disc"
> with maintainer "yufei"
> Are these informations correct? [y/N] y
> A sample code dune-try.cc is generated in the "dune-try" directory.
> Look at the README and dune.module files there.
> Now you can run dunecontrol script which will setup the new module.
> Sometimes you may have to tweak configure.ac a bit.
> cao at nmh19:/afs/.mathe/home/ians2/cao/DUMUX$ ./dune-common/bin/dunecontrol --only=dune-try 
> all
> --- going to build dune-try  ---
> --- calling all for dune-try ---
> --- calling autogen for dune-try ---
> Skipping dune-autogen
> --- calling configure for dune-try ---
> ERROR: configure.[in|ac] found, but configure missing
> did you forget to run autoconf?
> --- Failed to build dune-try ---
> Execution of dunecontrol terminated due to errors!
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
> Best regards,
> Yufei

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