[Dune] Dune::GlobalUniversalMapper< G > usage and semantics ???

Benedikt Oswald benedikt.oswald at psi.ch
Fri Jun 27 09:42:56 CEST 2008

As somehow my mail went unnoticed, I dare to resend it:

Dear Dune developers, re. the use of the global universal mapper in Dune:

does this class provide an array index (consecutive, starting from zero)
of grid entities and subentities, depending on the codimension,
over all processes in a parallel, MPI context ?

Can I use this class to map, e.g. an id of an edge in ALUGrid
onto an array and get the same index on two different processes
if the id refers to the same edge, shared by these processes ?

Perhaps I am little bit complicated, but the background is in
addressing matrix and vector entries of a parallel linear algebra
package, such as e.g. trilinos.

Thanks for some enlightment, Benedikt

Benedikt Oswald, Dr. sc. techn., dipl. El. Ing. ETH, www.psi.ch, Computational Accelerator Scientist,
Paul Scherrer  Institute (PSI), CH-5232 Villigen, Suisse, benedikt.oswald at psi.ch, +41(0)56 310 32 12
quamquam sint sub aqua, sub aqua maledicere temptant. http://amas.web.psi.ch/people/boswald/index.html

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