[Dune] [#396] please add "BCRSMatrix += Scalar" operator

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Wed Nov 5 23:06:48 CET 2008


The following task has a new comment added:

FS#396 - please add "BCRSMatrix += Scalar" operator
User who did this - Jö Fahlke (joe)

@Oliver OK, I didn't check what A = 1 does.  I would have guessed that it sets the diagonal to 1 and everything else to zero.  Besides, it is often not possible to set every entry to one if A is a BCRSMatrix, so I don't even think that it makes sense.
But I do agree that = and += should be consistent.

A += ScaledIDMatrix(1) has the makes clear what is meant, however, markus told me that the ScaledIDMatrix correlates to the FieldMatrix and not to the BCRSMatrix, so making this work with the BCRSMatrix would be somewhat strange.

I just talked with Christian, he came up with a general ID class, which might be multiplied with a scalar like 2.0*ID or ID*2.0.  The operator+= of all Matrix classes could then have an overload just for this class.


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