[Dune] [#454] cast from GenericIterator to const GenericIterator broken

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FS#454 - cast from GenericIterator to const GenericIterator broken
User who did this - Martin Nolte (nolte)

The C++ Standard (§8.3.2) specifies:

In a declaration T D where D has the form

  & D1

and the type of the identifier in the declaration T D1 is "derived-declarator-type-list T", then the type of the identifier of D is "derived-declarator-type-list reference to T". Cv-qualified references are ill-formed except when cv-qualifiers are introduced through the use of a typedef (7.1.3) or of a template type argument (14.3), in which case the cv-qualifiers are ignored. [Example: in

  typedef int& A;
  const A aref = 3;   // ill-formed
                      // non-const reference initialized with rvalue

type type of aref is "reference to int", not "const reference to int".] [Note: a reference can be thought of as a name of an object.] A declarator that specifies the type "reference to cv void" is ill-formed.

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