[Dune] Parallel CG Solver

Robert Kloefkorn robertk at mathematik.uni-freiburg.de
Tue Nov 11 09:04:06 CET 2008

Hello Arne,

for communication of data in parallel runs one can use the method 
communicate of the class Grid. Please have a look

see section Parallel data distribution and communication of this page

and for the data handle this page

and for max,min, and sum see the CollectiveCommunication

Now for your type of problem your call of the method communicate should 
use the interface InteriorBorder_InteriorBorder_Interface and 

The DataHandle you have to write by yourself. The scalar product
could be realized such that (x_i* y_i) is only evaluated on master 
entities (entities that have partition type interior or those with the 
smallest rank).

I hope this gives you some ideas. You can also look at the grid-howto 
there is also a parallel example where you find an example of using the 
method communicate.

Regards and good luck ;)



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