[Dune] Parallel CG Solver

Markus Blatt Markus.Blatt at ipvs.uni-stuttgart.de
Tue Nov 11 11:00:32 CET 2008

Hi Arne,

On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 11:00:28AM +0100, Arne Rekdal wrote:
> I am working on a parallel version of a Poisson solver. I have managed  
> to partition the
> domain onto p processors (each element is  assigned to only one processor).

A disjoint partititioning of your domain is a very good starting

> My plan is to solve the system of equations with Conjugate Gradient  
> method. I am now
> creating a Dune Operator. My idea for this operator is:
> 1) Calculate local operator evaluation for each processor
> 2) Communication(potentially all to all) between processors that share  
> the same vertices,
> and sum up.

Actually you do not have to do this by hand. Instead you have to
provide your local matrix with a corresponding index set
(ParallelIndexSet). (You can do what Robert proposes, too. But I
regard this as far more work and most of the ISTL preconditioners will
probably not work.)

> How do I know which processor a vertex should be sent to? All interior  
> boundary vertices
> needs to be sent to other processors. Are there suitable methods in  
> DUNE for this?

Of course there is (in dune-istl).

> Since a vertex can be on multiple processors, then there should also  
> be a special
> innerproduct associated with the CG algorithm. How is this specified?
> Example: I have total 6 DOFs.
> Indexset, processor 0: 1 2
> Indexset, processor 1: 1 2 3 4 5 6
> Indexset, processor 2: 5 6

Starting with your disjoint partitioning (0: 0,1; 1: 3,4; 2: 5,6) you
need to augment it such that for the graph of your global matrix all
indices all the indices of the connected dofs are also known to the

Assuming a simple 1D problem this might look like this (in terms of
0: 0,1,2; 1:2,3,4; 2:4,5,6

Using ParallelIndexSet you identify dofs of the disjoint partition
with the attribute owner, and all others with copy.

  typedef Dune::FieldMatrix<double,1,1> MatrixBlock;
  typedef Dune::BCRSMatrix<MatrixBlock> BCRSMat;
  typedef Dune::FieldVector<double,1> VectorBlock;
  // This encapsulates the communication stuff
  typedef CollectiveCommunication<MPICommunicator> Communication;
  typedef int LocalId;
  typedef int GlobalId;
  typedef Dune::OwnerOverlapCopyCommunication<LocalId,GlobalId> Communication;
  // The global matrix product
  Dune::OverlappingSchwarzOperator<BCRSMat,Vector,Vector,Communication> Operator;

  Communication comm(MPI_COMM_WORLD);

    typedef typename Communication::ParallelIndexSet IndexSet;
    typedef typename IndexSet::LocalIndex LI;
    IndexSet& iset=comm.indexSet();
  // The same for the other processes...   

  //Compute global information
  comm.remoteIndices().template rebuild<false>();


  You can now provide this comm object to the
  OverlappingSchwarzOperator together with your local matrix (with
  dirichlet   border conditions for copy) and the

For more see the Preprint



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