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Mon Sep 13 13:57:08 CEST 2010


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FS#819 - Remove enum FieldVector::size
User who did this - Martin Nolte (nolte)

I guess the stuff in dune/localfunctions/utility can be changed to 'dimension', but this will be a piece of work that I currently don't intend to do. The use of 'size' over 'dimension' originates from the missing preference in the documentation. The is no clear statement whether to use 'size' or 'dimension'.

I guess that there is lots of other code (e.g., dune-fem), where size is used instead of dimension. As we always want backward-compatibility, I suggest to deprecate the enum instead of removing it (in case we decide for the removal). If an enum cannot be deprecated, simply make it a 'static const int' and deprecate it.

Personally, I don't see the gain in removing the 'size'. It creates a lot of work for very little gain (though we seem to see many such suggestions over the last weeks). But I am in favor of a clearly documented statement which of the two constants is preferred.

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