[Dune] [#987] build system: do not force all modules to place their headers in $DUNE_MODULE_ROOT/dune/

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Tue Dec 6 12:23:04 CET 2011


The following task has a new comment added:

FS#987 - build system: do not force all modules to place their headers in $DUNE_MODULE_ROOT/dune/
User who did this - Christian Engwer (christi)

No, this would just be a strange hack to use the current DUNE_CHECK_MODULES test. I also think a module should keep all its headers below the dune directory.
Concerning the modified test, I don't think we want to do such thing, because it can be very difficult to provide suitable tests for all kind of 3-party libs. The current test does all kind of dune specific tests and defines (e.g. version macros, library tests), if you a library not conforming with these assumptions, the next one will want to use the m4s with out the version macros, or with a modified library check.

No no no! You should never ever ovwrite existing m4 macros. This is the first step to hell and all kinds of problems (see out difficulties with the Fortran test). Why don't you just write your modified test? You should always give it a different name.

Why don't you want to provide your headers under the dune/ path?


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