[Dune] Non Linear Solver in DUNE

Alex Evanovic alex.evanovic at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 6 19:04:55 CET 2011


I am relatively new to the functionalities of DUNE.

I want to solve a non-linear multidimensional problem. How I do it is, I
approximate it as a quadratic & compute the hessian. Then, I do Newton
iterations to solve it.

So, I approximate my non-linear problem as:

L (x + del (x) ) = 0.5*del(x)(transpose)* A * del(x) + b * del(x) + c

where A is the hessian.

Then I solve, A * del (x) = - b

& update x = x + del (x) for the next Newton Iteration.

*I want to know if there is a non-linear solver in DUNE, which can do
everything for me, if I input the hessian matrix?*

Thanks in advance.

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