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FS#980 - checkindexset.cc is to restrictive
User who did this - Carsten Gräser (Carsten)

@Andreas: Yes we have a grid that conforms with (1B)+(2A) and fails the grid check due to (2B).

Regarding the 'permutation in the wrapper': Suppose your grid implementation Foo stores edges (essentially) as pair of nodes (p1,p2). Then your Dune wrapper FooEntity will have to permute the nodes in order to generate the different geometry mappings depending on how you optained the FooEntityPointer.

Regarding the 2nd question: No, you don't have arbitrary numbers. It's just that the subEntity() method does not map subentity-local indices to element-local indices but iterates over all of them. BTW, in dune-fufem we use the reference elements in a lot of places w/o ever relying on this.

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