[Dune] Using a dune project create with v2.1 with the trunk

Eike Mueller E.Mueller at bath.ac.uk
Tue Mar 20 11:43:04 CET 2012

Dear dune-list,

if I created a dune project with version 2.1, can I still use this with 
the trunk? Obviously, I need to adapt my source code, so I will need to 
put in some preprocessor flags to check the version at compile time, but 
it would make code a lot management easier if I do not end up with two 
different dune projects in my svn repository. Or is putting the entire 
dune project under version control (obviously not including the files 
that are generated by automake/configure/make) a bad idea anyway?

I will need to use dune-geometry, which did not exist in 2.1, so I 
suspect that it will not work and I will have to create an entirely new 
project, with DUNE_CONTROL_PATH set to the trunk installation and using 
the duneproject executable from the trunk, then copy my source code 
across and maintain this separately.

Thanks for any ideas,


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