[Dune] User Meeting 2012 canceled

Bernd Flemisch bernd at iws.uni-stuttgart.de
Thu May 17 13:41:58 CEST 2012

Dear DUNE,

in accordance with the registered participants, I would 
like to announce that the User Meeting 2012 is canceled. 
The facts that we have three days of PDESoft before and 
that it overlaps with the developers meeting did not 
create enough interest.

The first meeting 2010 profited a lot from the fact that 
both developers and users were present. We will be in this 
fortunate situation for the three days of PDESoft and I 
think we should try to reach this also for the second user 
meeting. It would be better to do it maybe next year as a 
separate event where both developers and users are able to 

Kind regards


Bernd Flemisch                     phone: +49 711 685 
IWS, Universitaet Stuttgart          fax: +49 711 685 
Pfaffenwaldring 61        email: 
bernd at iws.uni-stuttgart.de
D-70569 Stuttgart        url: 

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