[Dune] geometrygrid and PSurface

Marco Cisternino marco.cisternino at optimad.it
Wed Jan 9 12:45:38 CET 2013

Hi duners,
I built a geometry grid introducing local element parametrization 
computed using information about neighbours vertices, starting from a 
coarse grid.
By this way, I can get a not too bad approximation of the boundaries. 
But I would like to get something better.
Some boundaries are walls of an external geometry, for example in STL 
I wonder if I can use psurface to refine boundaries on the STL geometry 
and my parametrizations to refine inside, avoiding new boundary vertices 
leaping over new internal vertices.
Not considering the geometry grid, is BoundarySegment able to ensure 
this coherence of new internal and boundary vertices?
I hope I've been clear. I can produce "hand-written" graphical examples 
if you need.
Thank you very much for any help.


Marco Cisternino, Ph.D.
Optimad Engineering s.r.l.
marco.cisternino at optimad.it

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