[Dune] How to store entities?

Robert Kloefkorn robertk at posteo.de
Tue Dec 9 14:59:48 CET 2014

Hello Bernd,

> for some of our models, we store for each vertex all elements that
> share this vertex. We currently use a
> std::vector<EntityPointer> for this. I have a couple of questions
> concerning this:

> 1. Is this currently a good choice or are there better choices?
No (never has been) and Yes.

> 2. When would it be safe to store (smart) pointers to
> Entities/EntityPointers/EntitySeeds?
Just don't.

> 3. What should I use in the future when EntityPointer is gone?

> 4. How strong do the answers to the questions above depend on the
> grid manager that is used?
They shouldn't at all. There might be deviations due to sloppy

> 5. Will EntitySeed get a method that restores the Entity rather than
> the current method that restores the EntityPointer? When?
In time.



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