[Dune] alugrid+ug with cmake

Carsten Gräser graeser at mi.fu-berlin.de
Thu May 8 15:46:19 CEST 2014

Dear all,
I just found out that I read to carefully. Actually the path
has to be separated by a semicolon and not a colon. I'll
fix the wiki accordingly.


The warning remaind and ug is still not mentioned.

Am 08.05.2014 15:39, schrieb Carsten Gräser:
> Dear all,
> I'm currently trying to build dune-grid (master) with alugrid _and_ ug using cmake.
> Unfortunately this constantly fails:
> Following the wiki page I added the following line to my options file
>   CMAKE_FLAGS="-DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH='/home/graeser/dune/thirdparty/aluinst-1.52:/home/graeser/dune/thirdparty/uginst' " 
> I also tried without the inner quotes. But cmake keeps telling
> me it can't find alugrid. If I remove the subsequent :...
> it finds alugrid with and without the quotes.
> If I conversely remove the first path ...: it
> does not mention ug at all, but from the warning
> shown below I suspect it has been found.
> Could anyone enlighten what I'm doing wrong or point
> me to some answer on this that I failed to find on the list.
> Best,
> Carsten
> PS:
> The warning containing the hint on ug is the following:
> CMake Warning (dev) in lib/CMakeLists.txt:
>   Policy CMP0022 is not set: INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES defines the link
>   interface.  Run "cmake --help-policy CMP0022" for policy details.  Use the
>   cmake_policy command to set the policy and suppress this warning.
>   Target "dunegrid" has an INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES property.  This should be
>   preferred as the source of the link interface for this library but because
>   CMP0022 is not set CMake is ignoring the property and using the link
>   implementation as the link interface instead.
>     dunegeometry;/home/graeser/dune/thirdparty/uginst/lib/libugS2.a;/home/graeser/dune/thirdparty/uginst/lib/libugS3.a;/home/graeser/dune/thirdparty/uginst/lib/libdevS.a;dunegeometry;dunecommon
>   Link implementation:
>     dunegeometry;/home/graeser/dune/thirdparty/uginst/lib/libugS2.a;/home/graeser/dune/thirdparty/uginst/lib/libugS3.a;/home/graeser/dune/thirdparty/uginst/lib/libdevS.a;dunegeometry;dunecommon;/home/graeser/dune/thirdparty/uginst/lib/libugS2.a;/home/graeser/dune/thirdparty/uginst/lib/libugS3.a;/home/graeser/dune/thirdparty/uginst/lib/libdevS.a;dunegeometry;dunecommon

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