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Christoph Grüninger christoph.grueninger at iws.uni-stuttgart.de
Wed Feb 11 08:56:18 CET 2015

Hi Aleksejs,
thanks for the offer. Would you mind to add your project to the user
Wiki below Project 1? You may use the code below and paste it at
and replace all _TODO_s.

h2. Project _TODO_: _TODO_

*Primary Mentor*:
*Backup Mentor*:
*Needed skills*
*Project description*:

We need a Dune developer that is familiar with grids as a co-mentor,
just start with N.N.


Am 09.02.2015 um 16:59 schrieb Aleksejs Fomins:
> Dear Christoph,
> We would like to participate in GSoC effort, and we have a proposal
> for a summer project involving our new Curvilinear Grid.
> The main idea will be to extend curvilinear grid to manage internal
> boundary (IB) surfaces. It will involve:
>  - extending CurvGMSHReader to recognize IB surfaces. [1 Procedure +
> visual testing]
>  - function to insert IB surface markers to grid, store them [1 Procedure]
>  - new iterators to iterate over IB surface [small addition to the
> interface]
>  - writing of test programs, for example, verifying Gauss law by
> integrating over concentric shells. The student is welcome to propose
> and implement his own physical tests which may match their scientific
> interests, as long as such tests can be implemented within reasonable
> time.
> This is the programme-minimum. In case the student is successful with
> above task fast enough, we propose to continue the project by
> extending CurvGMSHReader with the functionality to recognise periodic
> boundaries. This will involve writing a utility class which extracts
> periodic information directly from the .geo script.
> I am happy to supervise the project.
> Please tell me if this is ok. I am happy to provide a detailed project
> description and other details when necessary.
> Regards,
> Aleksejs

GDB does hate your application, expresses its contempt through the
design of its command-line interface.   -- Tom Tromey, FOSDEM 2014

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