[Dune] Problem running DUNE course 2015 pdelab-exercise4sol

Tatiana Kim T.Kim at bath.ac.uk
Thu Jun 4 15:24:26 CEST 2015


I am trying to run ldom_example.cc in DUNE course-2015/exercises/pdelab-exercise4sol/src. I get the following error:

User/Documents/DUNE/master/examples/src/ldom_example_operator.hh: In member function 'void LDomainExampleLocalOperator<PROBLEM>::alpha_boundary(const IG&, const LFSU&, const X&, const LFSV&, R&) const':

/User/Documents/DUNE/master/examples/src/ldom_example_operator.hh:135:53: error: 'GenericReferenceElements' is not a member of 'Dune'

       Dune::FieldVector<DF,dim-1> facecenterlocal = Dune::GenericReferenceElements<DF,dim-1>::general(gtface).position(0,0);

and not sure how to fix it. Could you please help?


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