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Subject: Dune 2.5.1 Released
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The Dune 2.5.1 maintenance release is out. You can [download the
tarballs](https://dune-project.org/releases/2.5.1), checkout the `v2.5.1` tag
via Git, or get prebuilt packages from Debian unstable.

Included in the release are the [core modules](https://gitlab.dune-
project.org/core/) (dune-common, dune-geometry, dune-grid, dune-grid-howto,
dune-istl, dune-localfunctions) and several modules from the [staging
area](https://gitlab.dune-project.org/staging/) (dune-functions, dune-
typetree, dune-uggrid).

Please refer to the [release notes](https://dune-
project.org/releases/2.5.1#dune-2-5-1-release-notes) for a more detailed
listing of what has changed in the new release.

URL: https://dune-project.org/news/2017-07-18-dune-2.5.1/

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