[Dune] Radial grid in Dune (curvilinear grids)

Simon Praetorius simon.praetorius at tu-dresden.de
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We have implemented the dune-curvedsurfacegrid module that could be used for a non-linear transformation of any element type. It is in a development-state, but could already be used. (It is not only for surface grids, but mainly applied to such problems)



You need also the curvedgeometry module from


Then it's like what Andreas said. Take a regular grid and transform it. For tubes or something like that you may need to make your grid periodic.



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This looks like something that could be done by combining for example `YASPGrid` with `GeometryGrid` - although perhaps `GeometryGrid` might have to be changed a bit to not linearize the `Geometry` , so it might not work out of the box....
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Dear Cintia,

there is an implementation in Dumux:

* https://git.iws.uni-stuttgart.de/dumux-repositories/dumux/-/tree/master/examples%2F1protationsymmetry<https://git.iws.uni-stuttgart.de/dumux-repositories/dumux/-/tree/master/examples/1protationsymmetry>
* https://git.iws.uni-stuttgart.de/dumux-repositories/dumux/-/blob/master/dumux/discretization/rotationsymmetricgridgeometrytraits.hh

However the implementation is based on the additional finite volume abstraction of Dumux with (sub)control-volumes and (sub)control-volume-faces.
Volumes and faces are "extruded" by rotational extrusion based on Guldinus theorem.

But maybe it helps at least how you could easily achieve this.



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Dear Dune developers and users,

I am working on implemeningt radial grid in OPM-flow and would like to ask  if someone has implemented radial grids with cells similar to this:


Best regards,

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