[Dune] A Spack package for Dune

Dominic Kempf dominic.r.kempf at gmail.com
Fri May 22 13:04:33 CEST 2020

Dear Dune developers and users,

TL;DR: I have put together a working Spack repository for Dune. Go check it
out at https://gitlab.dune-project.org/spack/dune-spack/-/tree/master

There recently was some momentum on the mailing list to look into packaging
Dune for the Spack package manager. In case you don't know Spack, it is a
package manager for scientific software developed at Lawrence Livermore
National Labs (https://github.com/spack/spack). It is used in many HPC
clusters to build the software stack behind the module system. However, it
is also applicable in end-user scenarios e.g. by developers that want to
have an OS-package independent software stack and new users that need
minimal installation procedures.

After some initial input from Gauthier Foltan, I have put together a Spack
repository for Dune. Such a repository extends the Spack builtin package
library with new packages, here: the Dune package. In contrast to my
previous attempts in doing so, it only defines one meta-package instead of
having a separate package for each Dune module. The set of Dune modules to
be built can still be selected, check out the README for information how to
do it. Currently, the dune package always builds the core modules,
optionally builds the Dune modules from the staging and extensions groups
and the discretization modules and includes the Python bindings in a
ready-to-use fashion.

Feel yourself invited to go check it out at:
I hope that the README covers everything you need to know. If it doesn't or
if something does not work for you, please open an issue, so I can continue
to polish this.

In the long run, if we consider this beneficial, we could integrate this
repository into upstream Spack, many other finite element libraries have
done so.


PS: Although the original discussion on the mailing list was linked to the
build system redesign, this Spack repository implementation isn't really: A
redesigned build system would allow to have a spack repository with a spack
package for each Dune module, but thinking about it, I like the
meta-package approach more and would advocate to use it even with the new
build system in place.
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