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Carsten Gräser graeser at mi.fu-berlin.de
Mon Apr 6 23:07:06 CEST 2015

Dear all,
this is one more step in the direction of allowing to implement
composite bases that reuse the leaf nodes of other bases.

We did not discuss this yet, but I added a setLocalIndex() method
that allows to set the local indices of a leaf node. This is needed
because they will change depending of where the leaf node is located
in the tree.

Since we have different local indices for the different components
resulting from a power node, we really need to copy them and set the
indices for each copy as needed. Then the leaf node has to be
independent of the local view. As a consequence we also need
public access to a bind() method in the leaf nodes. Until now
this was a hidden implementation detail that was only called
by the _corresponding_ local view when binding the latter.
Now it must also be called by the local view of _unrelated_
composite bases.

I'll continue with the changes outlined above in about one week.
Hopefully this allows to make the localIndex() method of the
Taylor-Hood basis usable.


Am 06.04.2015 um 22:51 schrieb Carsten Gräser:
> Carsten Gräser <graeser at dune-project.org> updated branch 'master' (e15f612 -> 8aa7aa4)
> at Mon Apr  6 22:51:52 2015 +0200
> Browsable log: http://cgit.dune-project.org/repositories/dune-functions/log/?h=master&qt=range&q=e15f612c64b452c8d79fcf6811719db1d2515dfd..8aa7aa4d80c21318cd2073d31e5735b817c479bf
> Complete diff: http://cgit.dune-project.org/repositories/dune-functions/diff/?id=8aa7aa4d80c21318cd2073d31e5735b817c479bf&id2=e15f612c64b452c8d79fcf6811719db1d2515dfd
> ======================================================================
> via      4b1f8f8 http://cgit.dune-project.org/repositories/dune-functions/commit/?id=4b1f8f8b8b7188f1ac6fc97f417c240b79bd1889
>              [concepts] Add EntitySet concept
> via      7546cbf http://cgit.dune-project.org/repositories/dune-functions/commit/?id=7546cbf4c3dc7b21178205ec31f4a30d2b2ca4ed
>              [cleanup] Remove unused pointer to global basis
> via      61ada3c http://cgit.dune-project.org/repositories/dune-functions/commit/?id=61ada3cbdc0f03d559c9beef411d5ede7f2b50aa
>              [cleanup] Remove unused pointer to global basis
> via      d46d64e http://cgit.dune-project.org/repositories/dune-functions/commit/?id=d46d64e403c13ac194ff8e884d40948e0f900097
>              [cleanup] Remove unused pointer to global basis
> via      6a08559 http://cgit.dune-project.org/repositories/dune-functions/commit/?id=6a08559f0161fe2e3ea7a4aec85f695a507ac405
>              Add setLocalIndex() to LeafNode interface
> via      e05c04d http://cgit.dune-project.org/repositories/dune-functions/commit/?id=e05c04d3bdcfa0ea5ef40ebc3747793d9d7dca61
>              Implement setLocalIndex()
> via      8aa7aa4 http://cgit.dune-project.org/repositories/dune-functions/commit/?id=8aa7aa4d80c21318cd2073d31e5735b817c479bf
>              Add dummy implementation of setLocalIndex()
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