[Dune] Feature request.

Robert Kloefkorn robertk at mathematik.uni-freiburg.de
Wed Jun 22 11:18:28 CEST 2005

Oliver Sander wrote:
> Hi guys!
> I herewith request new features for the codim>0 entities.  In particular
> I'd like (at least)
> - HierarchicIterators
> - father()
> - subIndex()/subEntity()

The subIndex for higher codim shouldn't be that a big problem.
But the father and hierarchic iterator for higher codim's definitely
a big problem. When we started the definition of the grid interface we
made the decision that the interface should not provide such a
funtionality, because not every grid provides that, so the interface
implementation would be very hard for some grids. But here is another
idea. Why don't we make a default hierarchic iterator by using the
normal hierarchic iterator for codim 0 and the method father, and then
as we have the IdSets (Peter will discribe them on the next meeting) we
can implement a slow default version of this feature and for example
this can be overlaoded by a certain implementation. Also the father
method has to be implemented this way.

What do you think Oli?



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