[Dune] Towards the dune 1.0 release

Christian Engwer christi at uni-hd.de
Thu Mar 22 12:05:20 CET 2007

Dear all,

Markus worked a lot on the beta packages dueing the last days. In our
test scenarios we could use these packages both, in the locally
extracted fashion, and as installed packages.

We will upload a new beta release today.

For the final tar balls we should be try to minimize the danger of
immediate failure. Therefor we suggest the following:

1) Everybody should run at least one of his applications with the beta
   tarballs. This should be done in to ways. First he schould run the
   application with the extracted tarball (just like he does with the
   svn version). Then he should check with the installed modules.

   In order to coordinate these tests, I request the following
   information from each of you:
   a) which application will you run?
   b) which modules will be used?

   Please add these information to flyspray issue FS#271!

2) We must update our list of supported/tested platforms. Please
   insert your working configurations (operating system, mpi version,
   compiler, etc.) to flyspray issue FS#272.

3) We should include a list of known issues. Everybody should try to
   remember which problems/limitations he faced when using dune.

   Please add these points to flyspray issue FS#273.

Cheers Christian

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