[Dune] [#969] template lists of Grid interface classes are to restrictive.

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Wed Nov 2 10:32:26 CET 2011


The following task has a new comment added:

FS#969 - template lists of Grid interface classes are to restrictive.
User who did this - Olaf Ippisch (ippisch)

In my opinion there is nothing that speaks against such a change. And as long as only grid implementations are affected I would not bother with backward compatibility 
just make the change after a new release. Then every grid developer can adjust his code.

However, I think the more interesting question is how the new template list should look like. As it is a major change requiring quite some work it should be discussed thoroughly. What 
are the effects if there is no longer a GridImp argument? What new arguments are necessary? I see that this discussion has already started. The question is: Is this something that 
should rather discussed on a developer meeting?

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