[Dune] Grid format for unstructured grids from GMSH files

Jö Fahlke jorrit at jorrit.de
Tue Nov 22 17:42:21 CET 2011

Am Tue, 22. Nov 2011, 15:52:02 +0000 schrieb Sacconi, Andrea:
> Which format can replace better 'Foo' in the following line?
> FooGrid * grid = GmshReader < GridType >:: read ( filename );
> I was wondering about UGGrid, that requires a little bit of work in installing the library and the patches. Are there simpler/better alternatives?
> Thanks for your help.

Ah, ok, we don't call this "format", but "grid manager".  Different grid
managers are good at different tasks and support different things.  For
instance, some support parallelism, others don't.  Some support either
simplices or cubes only, others support both types of elements in the grid.
Some support structured meshes only, but require less memory, others support
unstructured meshes, but require memory for each element.  The list[1] goes

So, to be able to answer you question, please tell us a little about the mesh
you intend to use.  Does is consist of only one type of elements (and if yes,
which type)?  Do you need parallelism?  Is it 1D, 2D or 3D?


[1] http://users.dune-project.org/projects/main-wiki/wiki/Grid-Manager_Features

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