[Dune] Release plans for Dune 2.2?

Christoph Grüninger christoph.grueninger at iws.uni-stuttgart.de
Wed Mar 14 08:39:26 CET 2012

Hi Dune developers,
do you have any plans for a Dune 2.2 release?
I'd like to discuss a release before June (PDESoft / Dune Developer 
Meeting / Dune User Meeting), after June, or even later like end of the 
year or early next year.
Some arguments I was thinking about:

- It is difficult to stay compatible to both Dune 2.1 and Dune 2.2-svn. 
The warnings from dune-geometry drive me crazy. And I stumbled over a 
problem when creating a tarball for a external dune module; it could not 
find dune-grid because dune-geometry was not in the include path but the 
dune-grid tests needs it.

- The list of recent changes is not too bad and I'd like to have some of 
the new features in projects relying only on stable releases. This 
contains convenience features (DUNE_UNUSED, DUNE_DEPRECATED_MSG), 
compatibility features (autoconf warnings, SuperLU 4.3), and the bunch 
of little bug fixes (e.g. naming of VTK files, bug in array detection, 
missing header in array.hh)

- We must wait for open tasks like return geometries as real objects, 
virtual refinement, general dynamic parameter interface for grids. Or we 
reschedule them for dune 2.2+1.

- We deprecated quite a lot of things. A later release would even 
increase this number making the transition more work for users.

- If we can release before the developer meeting, new features could be 
directly implemented. Otherwise they either should be postponed or would 
delay the release.

When speaking about releasing. Would you mind to have a look on the wiki 
page about the release manager's job description? Felix Albrecht started 
the page and I added my own experiences:



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