[Dune] packages for alugrid and dune-dev

Oliver Sander sander at mi.fu-berlin.de
Mon May 7 14:36:43 CEST 2012

> I guess ALUGrid also has no stable ABI?  Would DUNE's ABI be affected if
> ALUGrid's ABI changes?
No idea.

> It might also be better to have someone who uses ALUGrid create the
> package.  I don't and thus wouldn't be in a good position to test the
> package, but could upload it if somebody else looks after the package.

I think most of the people that know ALUGrid are of the Gentoo tribe.
So not much hope there.  Nevermind.

>> Also, wouldn't it be nice to have dune and dune-dev meta packages?
> I assume dune-dev would depend on all other -dev packages.  What would
> the dune metapackage do?
I thought it would depend on all the library packages.  But now that
I think about it some more I don't really see a use-case for that.
Proposal for a 'dune' metapackage herewith withdrawn.


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> Ansgar
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