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Tue Mar 25 08:24:31 CET 2014

Dear Sirs:
Hi, there; this is Mr. Sue from SC grinder com. Ltd; it's our pleasure to contact you
SC Grinder is the only one machine tool builder who only focus on the centerless grinder
Our centerless grinder includes SC-305(12" diameter of grinding wheel), SC-360(14" diameter of grinding wheel), SC-456(18" width of grinding wheel), SC-510(20" diameter of grinding wheel), We also have the servo motor type to control our regulating wheel
These products are SC-305S, SC-360S, SC-456S and SC-510S
You can check the attachment of a multiple step grinding in our servo motor type 
centerless grinder via the in-feeding grinding system 
Tolerance required
Roundness: Within 2 micron
Cylindricity: Within 4 micron
The following is our brief introduction just for your reference
It just takes you a few minutes to see who we are and what we can do for you
A: SC grinder company profile
   SC grinder was setup in 1982 
Not only positioned our self as a blade supplier to the machine tool field, but also rebuild the used centerless grinders from the market (German, Japan and Taiwan brand)
We rename our company name to SC-Grinder to focus on the international market
B: Our Philosophy 
To provide the best quality and reasonable price products to our esteemed customers
we do believe our products have the highest reputation quality with reasonable price can create the niche market for you
C: Stability & Accuracy control process 
Stability and Accuracy are the most important issues is the manufacturing process
The following may explain why stability and accuracy of our machines are so high
1. Storage time of our Machine bed over 15 months before they are applied to the assembling line
2. Machine bed slide was hardened by the high frequency
3. V shape guide of the lower slide was harden by high frequency
4. Lower slide and upper slide all scrapped by our sophisticated technician
5. Spindle material of the grinding wheel is SNCM-439 alloy, the harden thickness is up to 3 mm to make sure the durability of our spindle is pretty long
6. Phosphorus brass alloy of the grinding wheel bearing to make sure the stability and accuracy of the spindle
7. Babbitt Alloy (Features: lubricating, durability, accuracy) of the regulating wheel to provide the Total enclosure of the regulating bearing instead of 3 pieces of metals just like the other manufactures
Please check our spindle trial run from the following YouTube hyperlink, your
 Excellency can see the tolerance is within 1 micron 
8. The cylindricity of the dressing device is still within 1 micron
You may check the following hyperlink for reference
9. Grinding motor and pulley of each machine are calibrated together to make sure the dynamic balance is under control
10. Grinding class of reducing motor to make sure the stability and accuracy
D: The sales field
We have sold our machine to most of the South East Asia countries, China, Russia and Brazil. Now we are looking our global partner 
Our customers includes the SU'S PRECISION TOOLS; O-TA Precision Industry. Punch Industry Co., Ltd.ETC
We do believe you are the one we are looking for
Should you need more information about SC GRINDER?
Please surf our website at 
We are so sure about that you can find something that can fit your needs
We do believe we can create a win-win situation for both sides as long as we have come to a cooperation consensus
"Together we stand still, Divided we fall" this is what we treat our partners
Your prompt reply is highly appreciated
Sue---SC Grinder Co., Ltd.
Website: www.sc-grinder.com
E-mail: info at sc-grinder.com
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