[dune-pdelab] Two problems with installation of pdelab-howto

Sacconi, Andrea a.sacconi11 at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Nov 2 18:33:33 CET 2011

Dear Christian,

thanks for your help.
I followed your suggestion about re-installing the core modules, and new problems have arisen !!!

I downloaded again the six core modules, I put them in the same folder and then typed

  ./dune-common/bin/dunecontrol all

as per instructions. All works well for dune-common, dune-grid and dune-istl, but the process fails with dune-grid-howto.

make[2]: *** [adaptivefinitevolume-adaptivefinitevolume.o] Error 1
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make: *** [all] Error 2
--- Failed to build dune-grid-howto ---
Terminating dunecontrol due to previous errors!

I can't understand where I'm doing wrong.
Yesterday I created a very simple project, containing only one source file (Hello world), and it worked perfectly. Maybe it did since it didn't require dependencies I'm not able to install.
I have attached the config.log file, that could be useful in understanding what's going wrong.
Other info: MAC OS 10.5.8, gcc 4.2.1.


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Dear Andrea,

the "trunk" is the development version. It is not intended for the
average enduser... only use it, if you have a good reason.

2.1snapshot is a snapshot version which is compatible the 2.1 release
of dune.

I know people are using Dune on Mac OS X, so there shouldn't be any
general problem. The main question is which compiler etc. you are

Perhaps it is best to first try build ing the dune core modules and
then start with pdelab. If you experience further problems please send
us a detailed problem report, including the versions of the programs
in use, the versions of the dune modules and the log files (especially
the config.log of the module which fails).


On Tue, Nov 01, 2011 at 04:25:46PM +0000, Sacconi, Andrea wrote:
> Dear users,
> I have been struggling with installation of pdelab and pdelab-howto for ten days.
> Before reporting again error messages that appear on my screen, I'd like to ask you two things:
> 1) has anybody encountered problems in installing pdelab and pdelab-howto with MAC OS X (in particular, mine is 10.5.8)?
> 2) what is the difference between "trunk" and "snapshot 2.1" on the page:
> http://www.dune-project.org/pdelab/
> Which version should I download ??? Since I tried either the first or the second, but nothing works properly.
> Thank you so much.
> Cheers,
> Andrea

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